The Alternative to People Shooting BLM Rioters in Self-Defense is the Police

There's a reason we have the police.

They exist so that people enjoy public safety without having to be prepared to engage in self-defense against marauding bands at any time. When the marauding bands get out of control, you end up with rooftop Koreans, Latin Kings fending off Black Lives Matter thugs, and whatever armed citizens were protecting their neighborhoods from BLM arsonists and rioters in Kenosha.

The media is screeching about vigilante violence. It might want to recall the upsurge of popularity for vigilantes, real and fictional, in the late 70s and 80s when crime got out of control.

While Black Lives Matter activists claim that people have to give up on public safety, most people don't want to be beaten, raped, or robbed. They will fight back or they'll license others to do it on their behalf. Those who can afford it will hire private security. Some will flee and some will shoot.

When Democrats and the media license Black Lives Matter violence, they also license vigilante self-defense. You can't have one without the other.

Most Americans are not upscale diners in D.C. There's only so much terrorizing that they'll take. And once violence is unleashed, it has a way of spinning out of control.

We can return to a system of law and order in which the police maintain public safety. Or Dems can keep pushing police defunding and touch off riots and self-defense.


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