Are You Safe in Joe Biden's Voting Districts Where 2,793 Have Been Shot?

The new Democrat talking point being deployed by Joe Biden and assorted Dem officials is, "Are you safe in Donald Trump's America?"

Pretty sure Chiraq isn't in Donald Trump's America. And no you're not safe in that Democrat hellhole. Or any other Democrat hellhole. 

Not unless you duck quickly.

At least 50 people had been shot, and 10 of them had been killed, so far this weekend in Chicago as of Sunday evening.

Among those wounded in shootings this weekend were two police officers, along a suspect whom a third officer shot, in Homan Square. Meanwhile, one man was killed and four others were injured in a mass shooting Sunday at a pancake house dining tent in Morgan Park.

That's an improvement. Last weekend it was 59 shot, but 5 killed. So fewer people shot, more of them killed.

According to Hey Jacksass, 477 people have been shot in August in Chicago so far. And 2,793 for the year.

Are you safe in Joe Biden's voting districts?