Biden Potential V.P. Pick: "I'm Not a Communist"

Come on, it's the 2020 Democrats who support blowing up Mount Rushmore and stand by rioters burning flags and bibles while attacking federal buildings. Biden nearly lost the nomination to a guy who defended Castro and honeymooned in the USSR.

Wouldn't the smarter approach be for Rep. Karen Bass to proudly declare that she is a Communist?

Or maybe use a variation of Bill's, "I didn't inhale" line? I was a Communist, but only when visiting Cuba? 

Anyway, this is probably something you never thought you would hear a possible Veep say in generations, but here we are.

Rep. Karen Bass, the five-term California congresswoman and potential Joe Biden running mate, urged Cuban American voters Monday to “not believe the lies” of Republicans.

“I’m not a socialist. I’m not a communist. I’ve belonged to one party my entire life and that’s the Democratic Party and I’m a Christian,” Bass told NBC News.

"I'm not a Communist", "I'm not a witch", and "I'm not a pedophile" are things you never want to say when you're a political candidate.

The ads just write themselves.

But then Rep. Bass went on to demonstrate why Senator Kamala Harris might be a good choice.

 “The Latino population is often painted as only being interested in immigration, and the black population is painted as only interested in race. I don’t think any of those are true,” Bass said.

Well yes, that's true. But is Bass aware that she's running for the Democrat nomination? Or that the only reason she's somehow in the running is because Biden has to pick a black woman on the assumption that it's the only way to motivate black voters?




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