Black Lives Matter: 3 Kids Shot Every Week in Philly

George Soros and his DA, Larry Krasner have a lot of black blood on their hands.

A group of retired police officers in Philadelphia see the seven-figure investment from billionaire George Soros in the 2017 race for district attorney as a “wrecking ball” that demolished the election in Larry Krasner’s favor.

Now they’re looking create some rubble of their own with a new political action committee. Protect Our Police PAC, created in June, said it raised $750,000 since it started soliciting donations just three weeks ago.

While the group has a national mission, Gerace said that “Let-em-go-Larry is very much on our radar for next year” — using a nickname coined by critics who see Krasner as soft on crime.

Krasner shrugged that off.

“We have seen this kind of effort in at least three cities recently, where progressive DAs have been reelected with solid margins of victory,” Krasner said. “I remain focused on my job and my reelection.”

Here's how that job is going.

Philadelphia ranks second in the nation in the number of homicides so far this year, just behind Chicago, according to statistics presented by Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.

As of July 26, homicides in the city had jumped 32% to 247, compared to the same period a year earlier, Outlaw told city council members at a hearing on gun violence on Tuesday.

Tuesday's meeting was scheduled before the increased gun violence in the city this past weekend, when six people were shot in one incident.

In Philadelphia, three children per week, on average, have been shot this year, according to data from the city's police department from last week.Police data shows nine of the shootings were fatal.

Get a Soros DA and you too can pile up the bodies in the morgue. 


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