The "Black Lives Matter Effect" Killed Over 800 People

...and counting

Remember when the murder rate was dropping? Good times. Until the Democrats decided to make America into Escape From New York and Death Wish again.

A Wall Street Journal analysis of crime statistics among the nation’s 50 largest cities found that reported homicides were up 24% so far this year, to 3,612.

 In all, 36 of the 50 cities studied saw homicide rise at double-digit rates, representing all regions of the country.

Otherwise known as Democrat turf, now being battled over by gangs.

Homicides, on the other hand, are up because violent criminals have been emboldened by the sidelining of police, courts, schools, churches and an array of other social institutions by the reckoning with police and the pandemic, say analysts and law-enforcement officials in several cities.

Anecdotally, many police departments point to a rising tide of gang violence, in which rival groups of mainly young offenders battle over control of neighborhoods, catching rivals and innocents in the process.

Meanwhile jailbreaking criminals is only making things worse.

New York, Detroit and Fresno officers all said the easing of bail requirements in their states likely returned some dangerous criminals to the streets.

Who knew that freeing criminals and locking up cops would boost crime?

“If the city descends into the level of danger that we saw in the 1970s, that will be a challenge for all of America,” said Edward Glaeser, an urban economist at Harvard University.

Nah. It'll be a challenge for Democrat voters who will have to look in the mirror and ask themselves how much more of this they'll keep voting for, no matter what the media tells them.