CDC: Depression Quadrupled, Suicidal Ideation Doubled Under Coronavirus

Coronavirus lockdowns and the national hysteria are doing all sorts of wonderful things for national morale.

he coronavirus pandemic has led to a marked deterioration in Americans’ mental health, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study made public on Thursday. That study, which surveyed 5,412 Americans, found that “40.9% of respondents reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition.”

According to the new study, 31 percent of respondents were suffering from symptoms of anxiety or depression; 26 percent experienced symptoms of traumatic disorder; 13 percent were using drugs or alcohol more heavily, or for the first time, to cope with the pandemic; and 11 percent had seriously contemplated suicide.

Anxiety symptoms tripled in incidence compared with the same period in 2019; the incidence of depression symptoms quadrupled. The rate of serious suicidal thoughts doubled in comparison to levels recorded in 2018.

This is a national disaster. And it's not surprising.

The "experts" broke America. And while they're going to set the national coronavirus death toll based on surplus mortality, what kind of impact does a doubling of the suicide rate and increases in substance abuse going to have on the mortality rate?

The lockdowns have failed. They've failed everywhere. 

While the media keeps broadcasting the false narrative that coronavirus spikes are the results of bad behavior by President Trump and GOP governors, the spikes around the world and in blue states like California make it clear that's nonsense.

We need an adult conversation about what's going on and we're unable to have it because we're caught in expert loops or political echo chambers.