Chicago Goes Medieval

The barbarians are at the gates. Or at the bridges, in Chicago's case, and there's something strikingly medieval about the failed city resorting to raising the bridges and using walls of garbage trucks to block the caravans of raiders striking commercial areas.

The inescapable reality is that the barbarians have the run of major American cities and their Democrat rulers have no answers except to double down on appeasement, if they're white, or to futilely flail about and issue hollow threats if, as in Chicago, they're black.

This is the Black Lives Matter revolution. It's the return of the worst days of the 70s. And some Democrat leaders and media operatives are realizing that they can't put this genie back in the box.

This isn't just crime anymore. It's cities being reduced to the medieval rules of roving bandits, stationary bandits and a collapsing imperial governor at odds with D.C. The only thing standing between the roving bandits and what's left of civilization, the rich pickings of a decadent culture of Gucci and Tesla, is an overworked and abused police force that Democrats want to defund.

So it's time to raise the bridges.