CNN Unprecedentedly Interrupts President's Convention Speech to Attack Him

There is a basic protocol to these things.

The media is supposed to air convention events and then talk about them afterward. Instead, the media began talking over DNC events as they were happening, which is highly dubious, and made some of them even more unwatchable than usual, but it certainly didn't interrupt Biden's speech to begin attacking him.

CNN however decided to interrupt President Trump, falsely attack him, and begin a rambling defense of the Democrats under the guise of a 'fact check'. If the media wants to conduct its editorializing and call them fact checks, the time to do that is after a presidential speech, not during it. And interrupting a convention speech is basically unprecedented. 

But precedents have been shattering right and left since around 2008 when the media stopped pretending to be anything other than the communications arm of the DNC.

The question is where does this go next.

Is CNN going to interrupt a State of the Union address or an address to the nation from the Oval Office next? It's hard to say that it wouldn't. 


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