De Blasio Blames Coronavirus Increase on Jewish Wedding

Social justice scientists in the media have already established that the virus doesn't spread when giant mobs of rioters shout, "I can't breathe" by the thousands.

But Orthodox Jewish weddings and Christian church services immediately spread the virus.

And Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City is going back to doing what he does best... blaming the Jews for the virus.

Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood is experiencing an “uptick” in COVID-19 cases that’s mostly been linked to a large-scale wedding, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday.

Currently in New York, only social gatherings of up to 50 people are permitted and de Blasio said the wedding in question “was substantially more than that — and that’s just not allowed.”

A set of rules that obviously does not apply to BLM.

"We got to identify the folks at that wedding and make sure that any spread is contained," De Blasio demanded.

Disease detectives will investigate whether the wedding, which had more than 50 guests, was the root of a substantial spread, de Blasio said. 

"Disease detectives." This is a lunatic's version of 1984.

Asked if the city is going to punish people involved with the wedding, de Blasio said the city was still figuring that out.

If only they'd shouted, Black Lives Matter at the wedding.

Brooklyn community activist Isaac Abraham said he knows the dangers of COVID-19, having lost 33 close friends and family members to the virus. However, he said he believes, in the case of Borough Park, the mayor is purposely picking on the Jewish community.

“Let me not downplay the COVID virus. It’s very serious,” Abraham said. “We were looking at two solid months of rallies and demonstrations and violence, not a word, not one spike? And he’s going to tell me that he’s not picking on somebody or he’s not selecting a particular group?”

Structural antisemitism is a real problem in New York City.


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