Democrats Spent Months Rioting and Looting, Then Republicans Pounced

Bad news.

The poll numbers are in and it turns out that most Americans don't like living in a war zone and are now concerned that every weekend seems to begin with more people shot in the country's major cities than in Afghanistan. So now the media has to do a sharp turn and...

1. Acknowledge that the country is mostly peacefully on fire

2.  Blame Republicans for noticing it by pulling the usual "Republicans pounce" routine.

As in, "We've been burning the country to the ground for months and then Republican pounced".

But pounced is a cliche by now. Surely the Democrat media has found some more exciting way to... 

"Trump administration officials on Thursday seized on the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake and the resulting unrest to argue that Democrats are encouraging lawlessness, leading Joe Biden to accuse the president of cravenly exploiting a national tragedy."

Seized. Also that sentence needs to be set on fire and rewritten. 

But there's still room for Republicans pouncing.

RNC Recap: Pence pounces while crises swirl 

Never give up on that pouncing and the rioting.

The pouncing routine is weak at the best of times. Arguing that the critics are the ones amplifying the crisis is lame. But it's really bad when the problem is one that actually threatens people in real life. When it's not just a scandal, but an existential threat, talk of pouncing is just political inside baseball that no one cares about.


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