Hillary Clinton Considered 2020 Run

I had predicted that Hillary wanted it, but wouldn't actually do it.

And, according to Philippe Reines, the most obnoxious of her flunkies, who played Trump during her practice debates, she actually went there. The relevant quote is buried in a long swampy Politico article about tensions between the Obama and Biden camps.

Biden’s weaknesses were such that even Clinton reconsidered her decision not to get into the race last fall, according to Reines.

“There were a number of people who decided not to run and then around, October, before Thanksgiving said to themselves, ‘You know, did I make the right decision?,’ he said, name-checking Mike Bloomberg and Deval Patrick who did make late entries. “She went through that exercise.”

Insane, but there we are.

There's lots of precedents for a candidate losing a presidential election and then running again, but they're from a whole other era. Hillary Clinton had lost two presidential races to political insurgents. 

The party would have pulled out all the stops to keep her out of the race. Or would they have? Could Hillary have actually gotten to the nomination in a crowded field?

Had Hillary entered, the net effect would have depressed Biden's share of the black vote, which would have made Bernie the nominee. Hillary hated him more than Biden.