Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are Perfect for Each Other

Forget the race, age, and gender differences.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are perfect for each other. They're both purely transactional political hacks with no beliefs who will do absolutely nothing for the money. Joe Biden used to be a Republican. Kamala Harris morphed from running on her career as a prosecutor to moving far leftward. Now she'll move back again. Just as Biden, a politician who once appealed to conservative Democrats, is sliding into the Bernie camp.

Joe and Kamala have no convictions that they wouldn't sell for money and a step up the ladder. Kamala was willing to sleep with Willie Brown to advance her career. Biden spent 8 years living in the shadow of a newcomer whose support he's been pleading for, even though Obama repeatedly told pals and reporters that he has no use for Biden.

Neither Biden nor Kamala have any dignity. They will literally do anything to get ahead. Sleep with anyone. Suffer any insult.

Kamala won't be loyal to Biden. But she's not loyal to any ideas or group either. That lets him trust her as much as he can trust anyone. There's no issue or controversy that will get her to sell him out because he's her way to the top. 

And after sleeping with Willie Brown, what's the big deal about Joe Biden smelling your hair?