Media Worried About Lack of Social Distancing at Portland... Prayer Service

Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

Hundreds of people gathered along Portland’s waterfront Saturday evening in defiance of state orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

They came to see Sean Feucht, a controversial worship leader and political activist who has held similar crowded outdoor services on the beaches in California in defiance of coronavirus restrictions there. Organizers dubbed the event in Portland as “Riots to Revival,” and hoped to flip the script by bringing worship, prayer and acts of kindness to the city.

Pictures and videos taken by KGW’s Kyle Iboshi show the vast majority of the crowd was not wearing masks or social distancing.

Is KGW8 aware that Black Lives Matter rioters have been doing the same thing, plus burning down parts of the city, for weeks now?

Coronavirus concerns apparently apply only to religious services that don't involve John Lewis or George Floyd, but any BLM event is written up with glowing praise.

When it's a BLM hatefest, then the KGW8 story reads like this. "Protests in Portland remain peaceful as families march in support of Black Lives Matter movement".

No mention of the coronavirus, of social distancing, masks or "defiance of state orders".

Thousands of people can participate in the Portland BLM riots, but hundreds of people at a religious gathering are a coronavirus crisis.

"State rules clearly note faith gatherings are capped at 50 people with physical distancing for indoors and outdoors. The event at Waterfront Park was obviously in violation."

And if the rules don't apply to BLM hatefests, why should they apply to anyone else?