#MeToo: Why Won't the Media Call Jacob Blake a Rapist?

So much for the #MeToo movement and caring about women.

Jacob Blake was accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend's place and sexually assaulting her. Google's biased search engine monopoly responds to any search by throwing endless media fact checking spam.

Since the media can't actually deny the charges against Blake, they fall back on the tired routine of fact checking false claims that they amplify, while ignoring the actual facts. That's the equivalent of flooding the zone with fact checks about claims that Joe Biden is the Zodiac Killer to divert attention from Republican criticisms about his support for the BLM riots. 

Blake was charged with third degree sexual assault which, based on the state definitions would suggest it involved, "Sexual intercourse with a person without consent of that person, or Sexual contact with intentional penile ejaculation with a person without consent of that person."

That it was third degree just means that Blake's ex wasn't a minor and that he didn't hurt her in the process or use explicit violence.

So Jacob Blake is, at best, an alleged rapist. That doesn't mean he's guilty, but his previous clashes with the law don't help. And the charge doesn't come from some diffuse systematically racist system, but his own ex-girlfriend, who alleges domestic violence.

Standing up for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault is supposed to be a top Democrat priority, but not when they decide to swamp in support of a criminal.

The media not only refuses to use the words, "rape,"or "rapist" in connection with Jacob Blake, it's trying to flood the zone with garbage fact checks to imply that the accusations that Blake had committed sexual assault is some sort of social media myth.

So much for #MeToo.


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