NASA Changes Name of Siamese Twins Galaxy to Avoid Offending Anyone

It's becoming more and more obvious that Obama's fundamental transformation of the military and NASA keeps chugging on. No matter who has the big office, the only real agenda is leftist politics. And so NASA, whose space program was crippled, perhaps irrecoverably during the Obama era, is now all in on Muslim self-esteem.

Or its equivalent. And that currently means renaming offensive galaxies and nebulae. 

Grocery store items, pro sports teams, and country music bands have all removed racially insensitive names.

Now, NASA is adding celestial bodies to the list that includes Aunt Jemima, the Washington Football Team and hitmakers The Chicks and Lady A.

Not only Redskins and Dixie are slurs, but so are Siamese twins. 

“Eskimo Nebula” and “Siamese Twins Galaxy” are out, for example.

“Nicknames are often more approachable and public-friendly than official names for cosmic objects, such as Barnard 33, whose nickname ‘the Horsehead Nebula’ invokes its appearance,” NASA said in a release this week. “But often seemingly innocuous nicknames can be harmful and detract from the science.”

Who exactly has been harmed or offended by the Siamese Twins Galaxy?

But when your final frontier is political correctness, there are always new galaxies of virtue signaling to explore, even as you remain mired in the gravity well of your increasing incompetence. 


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