Nevada Dems Authorize "Ballot Harvesting" for Statewide Fraud

The move to steal the election is underway.

Ballot harvesting is bad enough in California where it led to a total one-party state, but unleashing ballot harvesting would essentially end free elections in America. 

It would turn America into Tammany Hall, a Democrat political machine in which lefty non-profits, often funded by the government, deliver ballots to ensure Democrat wins.

Or as the AP gingerly put it, "to request that someone else fill out and hand in their ballot, a practice Republicans repeatedly decried as illegal 'ballot harvesting.'"

Go figure. Those crazy right-wing nuts think that authorizing left-wing groups to fill out and hand in other people's ballots might lead to voter fraud.

The Nevada move is illegal. It bypasses election officials. But the legality will be determined by judges and that's a gamble. And the Democrats are using their "state of emergency" for massive power grabs.

To bypass Cegavske and enact the changes, the bill gives the governor the power to command the Secretary of State to adjust election procedures during a declared state of emergency. It passed on a party-line vote through both the state Senate and Assembly, with Democrats in favor and Republicans opposed. Republicans were particularly distressed with provisions of the bill that expand who is allowed collect and hand in ballots. They warned it would enable a practice detractors call "ballot harvesting," in which volunteers working for political groups collect and turn in large quantities of ballots to tip the scales in elections.

As long as the lockdowns and the state of emergency continue, Dems will use it to seize even greater amounts of power and fundamentally transform the country.

That is the underlying crisis and conflict.