New York City Setting Up Quarantine Checkpoints

If you want the full Escape from New York effect, you gotta have the checkpoints.

New York City already has criminals running wild in the streets. So the problem with the checkpoints is that they're facing outward. But it'll be easy enough to turn them around so that they face inwards when the time comes.

New York City will set up checkpoints at entry points to the city to find travelers from states with high coronavirus infection rates and order them to quarantine for two weeks, officials said Wednesday.

Like say, Montana.

This will mostly affect wealthier Manhattanites who fled the city during the worst of the pandemic and want to come back now.

It's not like anybody else is dying to get into the city at this point.

It goes without saying that this is meaningless. The De Blasio administration can't even put its own pants on, let alone locate travelers from other states, who don't want to announce it, unless they're driving out of state vehicles, let alone enforce a quarantine order on them. Its contact tracing operation was a laughable joke. So are these checkpoints.

The city Sheriff’s Office will run the checkpoints and stop a random sampling of cars entering the city, reminding drivers of the quarantine order and requiring them to fill out a registration form if they’re coming from a high risk state.

"Reminding" them and getting them to fill out a form.

Why do I have a feeling that this is an attempt by De Blasio to claim a Cuomoesque victory over the virus.


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