New Zealand's Corona Outbreak is a Reminder The Experts are Clueless

Not all that long ago, the media class was holding up New Zealand as the model for fighting the coronavirus. (Not all that long ago, they were also holding up California and Hong Kong as models).

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, a photogenic leftist who had previously rammed through gun control after a mosque shooting, was a lefty hero. New Zealand's escape from the virus was credited to Ardern doing all the "right things" to fight the virus.

And then, just as in California and Hong Kong, there was a spike, the virus wasn't defeated, and the experts are clueless.

How clueless? This clueless.

The source of the outbreak has baffled health officials, who said they were confident there was no local transmission of the virus in New Zealand for 102 days.

“We are working hard to put together pieces of the puzzle on how this family got infected,” said Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield.

Investigations were zeroing in on the potential the virus was imported by freight. Bloomfield said surface testing was underway at an Auckland cool store where a man from the infected family worked.

“We know the virus can survive within refrigerated environments for quite some time,” Bloomfield said during a televised media conference.


Is this what we're down to? The virus showing up in freight and being revived after being in cold storage?

This is a helpful reminder that the expert class is clueless, that its prescriptions have a mixed track record at best, that lockdown culture doesn't work, and that absent a positive strategy, the lockdowns will always fail.