Political Correctness Comes for Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles had long been the subject of conservative speculation. Surely a movie like that would have to have the wrath of the PC powers come for it sooner or later. But at the same time there was something so obviously humorless about the task. Not to mention the problematic writing credit for Richard Pryor. Most PC goons were happy to leave it alone as an artifact of the time. A movie that could never be made today, but shouldn't be actively condemned either.

Until now.

Congratulations, Citizens of Oceania, Blazing Saddles on HBO Max comes with a mandatory lecture about its content from a professor of political correctness.

HBO Max has added a disclaimer to Mel Brooks’ 1974 comedy “Blazing Saddles” that puts the film’s racist, explicit material into the appropriate context.

As with the intro that was added to “Gone With the Wind,” Turner Classic Movies host Jacqueline Stewart records the three-minute introduction for the film that automatically plays before streaming “Blazing Saddles.”

Into "context".

If you insist on watching this offensive movie, we're going to punish you with a lecture by a University of Chicago professor.

I also like that the intro plays automatically. No proles, you must not try to ignore our lectures. And then eventually the lectures will get longer and more unskippable until the movies go away and will be replaced entirely with lectures. 

So what movies will be tagged next by HBO Max's bluestockings?

There's the Wizard of Oz. Where's the diversity? Time for a lecture by Jacqueline Stewart.