Portland Mayor: No I Don't Have a Plan to Stop the Riots, It'll "Burn Itself Out"

That's the sort of thing that has to be really comforting to hear if...

1. You're a Portland resident

2. A Portland homeowner

3. A Portland business owner

You know all that violence that's wrecking the city. We don't have a plan to stop it. But eventually it'll burn itself out.

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler (D.)—who has yet to provide his police department with consistent directives to quell the riots, arson, and looting that have plagued his city for months—told Oregon Public Radio his strategy was to let the violence "burn itself out."

Ah the, "This is Fine" strategy.

This is your public safety. And this is your public safety on police defunding where violent criminality is just expected to eventually burn itself out.

Mayor Wheeler's thesis is that eventually the Black Lives Matter rioters, looters, and assorted criminals tagging along in their wake will just get bored and go home.

And no, don't count on the police protecting you.

But if people aren't paying taxes for public safety, what are they paying them for? Oh right. Social justice initiatives. 


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