Syrian Muslim Teen Plotted to Bomb Canadian Churches

Nothing to see here. Just another one of the many Syrians taken in by this side of the hemisphere repaying the hospitality and generosity of his hosts in the traditional way.

On Jan. 21, 2019, a 16-year-old Kingston resident disclosed to a contact that he secretly supported the so-called Islamic State.

He also hinted he was about to take action, saying he “may carry out a solo operation in the next few days.”

Three days later, police arrested him for terrorism, but while they had been investigating him for two months, even they were likely surprised by what they found in his bedroom.

Detonators, containers filled with white powders that turned out to be explosives, and diagrams of improvised explosive devices were among the 95 exhibits they seized. It was a bomb lab.

His cellphone listed “churches, night club, public places, sports courts, gardens and parks, crowded places filled with crucifix believers” as possible targets.

The youth, who is originally from Syria and cannot be named because he is a minor, pleaded guilty to four counts of terrorism on Tuesday.

And you can bet that he won't spend very long in jail. He is after all a minor, no doubt a refugee, and he hated the same people that Trudeau and his allies do.

“America is the Imam of disbelief that Mighty and Magistic (sic) Allah ordered us to fight,” the youth told the informant he thought was a fellow ISIS supporter. “You plan the execution in a church or in a stadium???? Or somewhere like that or you want police officers.”


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