Thug Freed w/o Bail on Attempted Murder Charge Commits 3 Drive-By Shootings

Eliminating bail is working great. Just ask the folks that Darrius Sutton allegedly shot.

A Brooklyn gang member, released without bail in May on an attempted-murder charge, participated in at least three drive-by shootings after he was freed, federal prosecutors allege.

Despite the attempted-murder rap, Sutton was set free without bail the same day of his May 20 arrest. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office said the lone witness in the case recanted.

Less than two months after being sprung, the purported Bloods gang member allegedly joined others in three drive-by shootings this summer.

The gunplay took place between July 13 and 14 and were just a few of the six shootings in which Sutton participated over the past year, federal prosecutors allege.

Sutton was seen on surveillance-camera footage in one of the attacks, on April 20, when he snuck up behind a rival gang member and shot him three times from the back in broad daylight, prosecutors allege.

Who needs bail anyway? Or cops or prisons? These racist institutions need to go and make way for restorative justice and drive-by shootings.


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