Voting is Too Dangerous in Person, But Not Census Counting

How do you define what's essential? The answer inevitably comes down to what's politically essential.

The media is politically essential as the propaganda corps of Democrat officials and so it was exempted from all lockdowns and stay at home orders.

Counting every single illegal alien in every fake Democrat district is essential and so the Democrats are angrily complaining that the census is being wrapped up without a month of door knocking.

Having census knockers go door to door and interact with a plethora of people on a daily basis, day after day, is obviously risky behavior. It's a whole lot riskier than not wearing a mask on an otherwise empty street. But Democrats vocally insist that we need to squeeze every possible number out of their districts and that's more important than any health risk.

Just as Black Lives Matter rallies or John Lewis' funeral are more important than any health risk.

What's politically essential for Democrats is considered essential, regardless of the risk.

Census door knocking isn't actually needed. Reasonable adults can get a card in the mail and send it back. Door knocking is a technique for getting people who don't care... or, most often, don't speak English, to participate. In other words, Democrats.

Yet the same Democrats who insist that voting in person is too dangerous and we should all vote by mail, also insist that census counting by mail isn't good enough.

If census counting by mail isn't good enough, neither is voting.