What If Middle East Peace Happened and the Media Ignored It

A big part of Trump Derangement Syndrome is the media's choice to ignore genuinely big developments by the administration in favor of focusing on nonsensical garbage. "Is Trump Afraid of Stairs", "Trump Has Two Scoops of Ice Cream", "Trump is Putin's Puppet Says Guy Paid to Appear on Rachel Maddow".

Replacing NAFTA, the third county agreement with Mexico, and now, the UAE normalization pact with Israel ought to be big news.

Forget whoever's actually in office, it's genuinely big news for anyone who knows the history of the conflict.

The media can't not report on it (yet), but it can do so dismissively and with a slightly baffled air. It's as if the media has forgotten how to cover stories that are not played in the familiar key of bashing President Trump.

And that's understandable.

To a certain generation of j-school grads, that is what journalism is. Journalism is digging into Trump's hotel development plans in Outer Mongolia. Or it's covering any latest development through the usual, "Orangeman bad" lens. 

When major stories actually happen, the media can't cover them any other way. That's why the story of the pandemic quickly became, "Trump and GOP govs are awful". 

That's what happens when you have a propaganda media that's increasingly incapable of covering the news anymore.