Why Wouldn't Biden Speech Be Pre-Recorded?

The media is accusing Rush Limbaugh of spreading conspiracy theories for even raising the question, but it's basic common sense.

DNC speeches like Michelle Obama's were prerecorded. Without a live audience, there's no actual reason to deliver a live speech. And if you've got a guy like Biden who tends to botch his speeches, whether it's due to senility, as Republicans suggest, or stuttering, as the Democrats and their media outlets claim, prerecording makes sense.

Live conventions need live speakers. But there's no audience and no suspense. Everyone knew how the convention would end.

And if you're going to pre-record a speech, it makes sense to cut and stop, and use the best takes. I've had this happen in pre-recorded interviews when there were sound issues and a whole lot less at stake than a multi-billion dollar presidential election. 

Some people are pointing to continuity errors like Biden's lapel pin moving. Things like that happen often enough in movies and they spoil the illusion of a continuous take. 

Either way, pretending that this is a conspiracy theory is silly. Biden may have delivered his speech live, but it's more likely that he didn't. And if he didn't and he ran into a hiccup, as he frequently did during the debates, can anyone imagine that he wasn't told to stop and go back a line?

The Dems and their media could just admit this, but that would risk giving Republicans ammo, and so they insist on denying the obvious instead.


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