You Can Be The Black Husband of a DA and Still Be Charged For Defending Yourself Against BLM

The first rule of the culture war is that you're not allowed to defend yourself against the culture warriors. Not even at your own home.

It's not just the McCloskey case. You can be a black Democrat and you'll still be charged for it.

I wrote about the case when it first happened in March.

Jackie Lacey's win was touted as a big move for civil rights. But while LA has gone to hell, Lacey hasn't fully embraced BLM's insane "stop enforcing all the laws and arresting criminals" program. So the black nationalist hate group began its usual campaign of harassment, including disrupting campaign events and harassing Lacey at home.

Here's what happened...

"I will shoot you. Get off of my porch!" he said.

"Can you tell Jackie Lacey that we're here?" Abdullah said.

"I don't care who you are," the man said while lowering the gun. "Get off of my porch! Right now!"

That's Melina Abdullah, a Farrakhan fan and racist, whose BLM protest in the Fairfax area was associated with the vandalism of synagogues.

"We've been very deliberate in saying that the violence and pain and hurt that's experienced on a daily basis by black folks at the hands of a repressive system should also be visited upon, to a degree, to those who think that they can just retreat to white affluence," the BLM-LA co-founder ranted.

But the Democrats are turning on their own and charging David Lacey for warning a trespasser associated with a racist hate group off his own porch.

The California Attorney General has filed misdemeanor gun charges against the husband of Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey for an incident back in March in which he allegedly pointed a gun at Black Lives Matter protesters.

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed three misdemeanor counts of assault with a firearm against David Lacey, his office confirmed Tuesday.

In a statement released Tuesday, Jackie Lacey said, “Protesters arrived at my house shortly after 5 a.m., while I was upstairs. My husband felt that we were in danger and acted out of genuine concern for our well-being.”

One of the group’s members, Melina Abdullah, who is listed as one of the alleged victims in the complaint, said that since the district attorney is a public official and that BLM has never threatened her, Lacey’s private property was not off-limits.

Somebody else's private property is always off limits. And no one was assaulted. But the only remaining crime is self-defense against BLM.