1,666 Mail-In Ballots From July Primary Discovered In Bin

And what a very neat number it is too.

Don't worry folks. This is the kind of thing that almost never happens, but it keeps happening every week. I'm sure it won't happen when there's a national election at stake and the party that habitually commits voter fraud is desperate to take the White House by any means from burning down cities to engaging in ballot harvesting.

Nothing to worry about or see here.

Officials have counted more than 1,600 ballots from New Jersey's July primary that were found last week in a “mislabeled” bin.

The 1,666 ballots from Sussex County were placed in a “secure area” at the county election office and were not discovered until Thursday, the New Jersey Herald reported.

After notifying the state of the error, the remaining votes were counted Saturday, said Board of Elections Administrator Marge McCabe. She said the newly tallied votes “did not change the outcome” of any races.

“The Board of Elections is confident that all ballots received have been processed and the security of all the ballots has remained in place,” McCabe said.

Unless any other bins turn up.

According to a New Jersey Herald article two weeks after the primary, the county had received 28,062 mail-in ballots and an additional 2,126 provisional ballots for this year’s elections.

That's a sizable percentage of mislabeled to mailed ballots. But I'm sure nothing will go wrong after this.


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