More Portlander Residents Want Cops to Crack Down on Black Lives Matter Riots

When you've lost Portland residents, you've just lost.

The survey, released by Portland-based polling firm DHM Research, shows just 29% of likely Oregon voters think police are responding with too much force to nightly protests against police, which have now lasted more than 100 days. Another 42% think police aren't using enough force, and 18% believe police are using the right amount.

The BLM theory was that sufficient terrorism would flip more people, especially suburban whites, over to appeasement mode. Instead one of the leftiest cities in the country is now approaching half the population demanding a crackdown while less than a third think the police are being too mean.

If you can't make it in Portland, you can't make it anywhere.

Across Oregon, 66% of voters disapprove of the protests. What's more surprising is that support isn't much greater in the Portland metro area, where 61% of voters disapprove...

Nearly double the share of respondents—30%—picked protests over the COVID-19 pandemic, which 16% considered the most urgent issue.

The good news for BLM is that it's now the top issue. The bad news is that the largest percentage of residentd disapprove of the police because they aren't cracking enough heads.

How's that right side of history business working out?