ADL Signs Black Lives Matter Letter Alongside Anti-Israel Groups

The Black Lives Matter full page ad letter claims to speak for "Jewish organizations and synagogues from across the racial and political spectrum" and the majority of American Jews.

The actual list of signatories is a cross-section of lefties from the rabid anti-Israel crowd to more establishment moderates. 

It claims to represent "different streams of Judaism", but there doesn't seem to be an actual Orthodox group on the listings. Just Open Orthodox leftist front groups like Uri L'Tzedek. And there are fairly few synagogues relative to the number of leftist political groups.

After synagogues in Los Angeles and Kenosha were attacked by Black Lives Matter bigots, the letter ramblingly claims that supporting black nationalist antisemites who want to destroy Israel, along with America, somehow has something to do with fighting antisemitism.

The actual wall of text of organizations is created by including multiple chapters of the same radical groups. This is a familiar enough scam.

Around 30 chapters of Bend the Arc, a radical leftist astroturf group funded and run by Soros' son, which represents no one in the Jewish community, are listed separately. 

21 chapters and councils of Jewish Voice for Peace, an extremist hate group that is neither Jewish nor peaceful, which supports BDS, promotes antisemitic conspiracy theories, and whose members have openly supported terrorism and the murder of Jews, are listed.

Around 40 chapters of the National Council of Jewish Women, a leftist group which, despite its seemingly generic name is also extreme, and whose leadership insisted that they would go on collaborating with anti-Israel bigots, have signed.

Again, separately.

The ad creates the illusion of a large number of organizations by listing each leftist astroturf chapter separately. 

And yet there are even more problematic signatories here, like the ADL and assorted JCRCs.

Just to drive the point home, the ADL's signature is listed in alphabetical order right next to the "Anti-Zionist Shabbat".

That ought to say it all.

The ADL didn't just co-sign a letter with J Street and T'ruah, and the usual run of anti-Israel groups, but with straight BDS hate groups like JVP. While the ADL claims to be fighting antisemitism, it's once again allying with antisemites.


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