After Censoring Gone With the Wind, HBO Max "Permanently Retires" Adult Swim Episodes

All that edgy 90s culture is now being censored. Oops, it's not being censored, it's being "permanently retired". 

"Permanently retired" sounds like Adult Swim episodes are being allowed to go live on a farm somewhere, instead of being ritually burned at midnight. This is part of HBO Max's All the Politically Correct Shows You Can Stream (We Burn the Other Ones) offerings.

Here's the 90s junk that's getting permanently retired.

Episodes of three popular Adult Swim series—Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Boondocks, and The Shivering Truth—have been removed from streaming due to current “sensitivities,” 

According to a representative from Adult Swim, that’s because both episodes have been “permanently retired due to cultural sensitivities,” with no date planned for their return to streaming.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force reveled in its irreverent random cartoon nonsense. It made Family Guy seemed like the height of organized plotting and good taste. It's the kind of thing that made hipsters of a certain age feel like they were culturally superior because they got high and laughed at it.

No more though, permanent retirement and all the suspicion that comes with it, fell on an episode.

But, even more hilariously, the Boondocks got hit with permanent retirement for cultural insensitivity.

Additionally, some noted that the Season 3 The Boondocks episode “The Story of Jimmy Rebel”—one of several so-called “banned” episodes of the provocative series, was not available to stream on either HBO Max or Adult Swim while other controversial episodes, including “The Hunger Strike” and “Pause,” were. “The Story of Jimmy Rebel” centers on Uncle Ruckus’ relationship with an aggressively racist country & western singer,

The Boondocks was the first popular cartoon/black nationalist TV show. The character of Uncle Ruckus exists to ridicule black conservatives and moderates. Censoring it and sending it off to permanent retirement is hilarious.

It's the revolution eating its own.

(The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder declined through a representative to comment.)

Which is its own comment.

Based on IMDB, the episode was written by McGruder. 

Let's see which other creative works, formerly edgy, get "permanently retired".