After Dem Anti-Vaxx Campaign, Willingness to Take Corona Vaccine Drops 10%

It wasn't that long ago that Democrats were insisting that skepticism of vaccinations or, in their term, being anti-vaxx, was one of the worst sins imaginable. Then they began to fear the prospect that a vaccine would ruin their election prospects and launched a campaign claiming President Trump would push through a bad vaccine.

And the numbers in the latest IPSOS/ABC poll reflect the success of that campaign.

In May, 74% were willing to get vaccinated, while now it's down to 64%. 

Now it's perfectly legitimate not to want to be the test subjects for a new vaccine. But it's just as legitimate now as it was in May. The only thing that has changed since then is that the Democrats launched a campaign to create skepticism about the vaccine.

Again, it's one thing to do that if you're generally skepticial, and it's another thing to do it for partisan ends.

Senator Kamala Harris, the Dem VP nominee, and other Democrats have been expressing hostility to a vaccine and spreading conspiracy theories about President Trump. That's the sort of thing that would once have gotten you banned from social media for spreading "health misinformation".

But, as usual, the rules are different for Democrats.