Al Jazeera Ordered to Register as Foreign Agent

Al Jazeera is controlled by the government of Qatar which uses it to engage in influence operations. 

No serious adult with any knowledge of what's been going on in foreign affairs can seriously argue with that. They can and do however choose to ignore it. That's why the extremely limited media coverage about the DOJ order for Al Jazeera to register as a foreign agent has pushed Qatar's line that this is a conspiracy by the UAE.

But all the arm-waving and pulpit-pounding aside, no one can challenge the two simple facts that...

1. Al Jazeera is controlled by the Qatari regime

2. Al Jazeera promotes Qatar's political agendas abroad

So what's left to argue?

The problem can be summed up with Google News dedicating a special section to coverage of the UAE-Bahrain-Israel deal to reports from Qatar. That is Al Jazeera. Or the Washington Post transforming Qatari agent Jamal Khashoggi into a martyr and the rest of the media going along with it.

There is critical coverage of Qatar in the UK. There's no such thing in the US.

And that's why the problem is bigger than Al Jazeera. The terror network is the tip of the iceberg. The entanglement between Al Jazeera and the Muslim Brotherhood, and its domestic Islamist organizations, has essentially meant that the media in this country and the Left are wholly in the Qatari camp. When they rant about Russian operatives, they're ignoring the fact that they've been acting as agents of an enemy state for quite some time.


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