Bill Clinton Attended Dinner w/Ghislaine Maxwell After Epstein Trial

Problem. Big problem.

There were two major phases of Jeffrey Epstein's career. Before and after his trial. The trial ended with a corrupt slap on the wrist that allowed him to live it up in style and fly around the country while supposedly being in jail, but it still put the basic facts out there.

Bill Clinton's own close collaborator, James Patterson, had done a good job of documenting the Epstein case. And yet here was Bill Clinton partying with Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to information obtained by The Daily Beast, Clinton’s advance team secured seating for the invitees and specifically noted Maxwell and someone named “Scott” had RSVP’d for the Thursday gathering.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation say aides had squabbled over Maxwell’s invitation beforehand due to her links to Epstein. 

So they knew.

The sources told The Daily Beast that longtime Clinton gatekeeper Doug Band cut Maxwell out of the president’s network in 2011 before he left Clinton’s employ the following year. (Band flew on Epstein’s private jet, including for Clinton’s 2002 humanitarian trip to Africa, and was listed in Epstein’s Little Black Book.)

The Daily Beast fails to mention that Epstein had claimed credit for the idea behind the Clinton Foundation, usually credited to Band.

One friend of the Clintons told The Daily Beast that Ghislaine was close to Clinton and daughter Chelsea, went backstage at Clinton Global Initiative events, and even visited their homes...

She had a front-row seat at Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010, reportedly as Waitt’s plus-one, at the Astor Courts estate in Rhinebeck, New York. Maxwell, Chelsea, and husband Marc Mezvinsky “flew together on a private plane to rendezvous with Waitt for a trip on Waitt’s yacht” around that time, Politico reported...

In 2009, one attorney for Epstein victims hired an investigator to serve Maxwell with a subpoena as she schmoozed at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York. “To say she was upset about being publicly served at this function is an understatement,” attorney Brad Edwards wrote in his book.

The Clintons liked people with money and power, especially those willing to use them on their behalf, and so the relationship was natural. Bill's habits would have been icing on the cake. Politicians need money and once out of office still want to enjoy the perks of the presidency even when taxpayers are no longer footing the bill. But by then someone usually is. It just doesn't usually fly to Lolita Island.

Maxwell may have been a useful way for the Clintons to maintain a connection to Epstein once he became too hot to handle in person.


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