Cuomo Keeps Spending Money, Blames Trump for Deficit

Federalism. How does it work.

Democrats want to make Governor Andrew Cuomo into the pandemic hero. Aside from his unfortunate habit of killing as many as 11,000 senior citizens by forcing nursing homes to accept infected patients, he's not keen on accepting responsibility for anything. The death toll, the nursing home deaths, the lockdowns, it's all somebody's else fault.

So is the budget deficit.

“We have tremendous losses because of COVID, we're not liable for them,” Cuomo said. New York City has a $9 billion budget deficit and the state’s is $30 billion.

“I’m not accepting liability,” Cuomo continued. “I'm not accepting the premise that New York City or New York State should pay.”

He added: “We didn't do anything wrong. The federal government should pay. The federal government was wrong.”

New York State taxpayers ought to try that one. 

We're not liable. It's not our deficit. It's Cuomo's deficit. He should pay it.

"How is New York City going to solve the deficit? We're not. It's Donald Trump's deficit," Cuomo continued. "New York City, New York state, is not going to pay."

Then I guess nobody's going to pay.

Here's a crazy idea. If your state and city are facing revenue losses, spend less money. 

I know it's insane. It's like eating less to lose weight. But it does work.

Maybe Governor Cuomo ought to spend less money on messaging and spend more of it on the school system and seniors he hasn't managed to kill yet.

 Despite a statewide hiring freeze and massive budget deficit thanks to COVID-19, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office has been adding high-profile and expensive new employees to the payroll, according to a new report.

Stephen Silverman, a former advisor to ex-New York City mayor and failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg as well as a consultant for the Clinton Foundation whose primary job was to boost the former president’s profile, was hired in August as a senior communications advisor for speechwriting and strategic messaging.

Cuomo also scooped up Laura Montross as his new deputy communications director of policy and issue advocacy.

She also worked for Bloomberg’s presidential run as director of women’s outreach, following three years at Kivvit — headed by Cuomo’s ex-campaign advisor Maggie Moran.

Matthew McMorrow was hired as the governor’s new statewide director of LGBTQ affairs, but is being paid $115,000 annually by the Department of State, according to payroll records.

Clearly Cuomo's deficit is Trump's fault, and the Don of Albany will soon threaten to fire more cops and firefighters, and take away school lunches, so America's taxpayers can pay him to hire a statewide director of LGBTQ affairs.


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