Cuomo, Who Doesn't Wear a Mask, Accuses the NYPD of Not Wearing Masks

You've gotta give Governor Cuomo credit.

Aside from killing the elderly in nursing homes, he's really mastered the art of COVID-19 posturing self-righteousness. The bootlegger baptist routine is disgusting to anyone who sees through it, but he's got a sizable chunk of frightened New Yorkers eating out of his greasy palm.

And this combines mask-shaming with cop-bashing for the perfect hysterical bout of hypocritical virtue signaling.

"Why don’t the NYPD wear masks? What signal does that send?" Governor Cuomo ranted. "'Wearing a mask is the law, but the police officer who’s supposed to enforce the law doesn’t wear a mask.' 

Maybe it's hard to wear a mask when Democrat activists, whose lives matter more than yours, are throwing firebombs at you.

Meanwhile above, you can see Governor Cuomo at a Black Lives Matter event with Al Sharpton, signing an anti-police bill, with zero masks and social distancing.

Why doesn't Cuomo wear a mask? What signal does that send?


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