Edinburgh U Gets Rid of David Hume

The cultural revolution continues.

Edinburgh University has decided to rename its David Hume Tower because the 18th century philosopher’s comments on race “cause distress”.

The institution, a member of the Russell Group of 24 leading UK universities, said the prominent campus building “will be known as 40 George Square” from the start of the academic year. 

It follows a campaign by students to strip the Scottish Enlightenment figure's name, citing his apparent links to the slave trade. 

Several British universities have submitted to Black Lives Matter activists demands in recent months to rename buildings and reconsider crests with links to the British Empire, amid a wave of global protests since the death of African American George Floyd in US police custody. 


A petition to remove David Hume’s name had amassed almost 1,800 signatures and the support of Edinburgh University Students’ Association. It claimed that naming the building after him “sends a very clear message” to black students “that we are willing to overlook this racism for the sake of alumni glory”.

Actually it's for the sake of Hume's enormous significance. But people who don't understand that and those who are willing to accommodate them are better off not having the "glory" to give them legitimacy. As the purges continue, the elites will have nothing of the past, and little of the present to cling to except their Maoist identity politics.

And the choice will become all the clearer.


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