The Emmys are a Reminder That Lockdown Rules Don't Apply to Celebrities

The Emmys ran the usual performative social distancing routines that we've seen in the media since Day 1 with some media figures making a point of showing off how they, like "the rest of us", are just locked down at home, followed by flagrantly violating the rules.

Notably, LA County's Barbara Ferrer had warned Jews not to gather for Rosh Hashana and tried to cancel trick or treating. But the Emmys could go forward.

I'll spare you the political correctness and the cheap shots at conservatives by Jimmy Kimmel, a guy whose career makes him the biggest hypocrite on the PC circuit, but who was adept at seeing which way the wind was blowing and heading that way, a reality that won't save him from cancel culture down the road.

Everyone, as usual, wore black masks, the fetish fashion statement of political elites who are breaking the rules even while signaling their virtue. 

And then gave each other big hugs.

Barbara Ferrer, who lectured Jews about Rosh Hashana and warned against trick or treating, had nothing to say about the female members of the Friends cast reuniting.

But the rules are for other people. They're certainly not for famous people.


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