If The Riots Are Trump's Fault, Whose Fault Were the Ferguson Riots?

Backed into a corner, Biden and his media allies have desperately tried to shift the blame for violence carried out by their own supporters to President Trump. Their meme is that this is happening in Trump's America.

Except that it actually began under Obama.

"For the last four years, we weren't having riots, racial riots. And when they occurred, we didn’t have to go call in the National," Biden confusingly claimed.

There were no riots. Except when there were riots.

The Black Lives Matter movement and the massive wave of nationwide race riots actually began under Obama and Biden. And the Obama administration nurtured and stirred up the riots through the DOJ as has been widely documented.

If the current riots are President Trump's fault, no matter who's rioting and where they're rioting, then whose fault were the Ferguson riots?

The Democrats and their media want to have it both ways, but it can't be both ways. These riots began under Obama and continued on under Trump. What's happening now is an extension of what began in 2014. The Obama administration actively used the violence to divide Americans, as Democrats are doing now, even while trying to blame Republicans for the violence.


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