Joe Biden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize On Same Basis as Obama

Republican presidents can pull off revolutionary peace deals while knowing that they have no shot at a Nobel Peace Prize unless it's a hundred years ago, while Democrats can win a Nobel Peace Prize just because they exist and aren't Republicans.

Obama won a Nobel Pace Prize not all that long after setting foot in the White House because... something about bringing an atmosphere of hope. 

Now Biden has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for pretty much the same reason. Or rather, exerting a "calming" influence.

Let's be honest here, Democrats are nominated for Nobel Peace prizes to spite Republicans or burnish their credentials. Just ask Al Gore. It was bad enough when the prize was being handed out to assorted Marxist butchers and terrorists, but now it's being dispensed to utterly ineffectual Democrats for being ineffectual.

That's quite a comedown.

But at least Biden wouldn't be the first sexual predator with a Nobel.