Kamala Harris Can't Name a Living Rapper... Except Tupac

Kamala Harris isn't Obama. 

One difference is that Obama did his homework. He knew he had to be able to connect with an inner city black community if his political prospects were going anywhere, so he deliberately launched a process to understand and blend in, something that he's discussed in his autobiographies and that his biographers have discussed.

Kamala was raised by her Indian mother in Canada. And despite the HBCU, she then went on to hang out with San Francisco elites on Nob Hill who financed her political career. But you'd think after the "Salt and Pepper" thing, she'd be a little readier.

In an appearance on Colbert’s CBS Democrat late night fest, she debuted her “mood mix” and declared that the song that most reminded her of attending Howard University, an African-American college, was by Salt-N-Pepa, while pronouncing it, “Salt and Pepper”.

In her latest gaffe, Senator Harris tried to desperately overcompensate by claiming that she used to get high while listening to “Snoop” and “Tupac”. But as Nick Gillespie pointed out, Harris had graduated from school too early to be listening to either one while getting high or otherwise.

Now Tupac's back. From the dead.

“Best rapper alive?” CNN commentator Angela Rye asked the Oakland native.

“Tupac,” Harris answered with little hesitation before Rye reminded her that the West Coast icon had passed away long ago...

The former San Francisco district attorney then struggled to name a living rapper — “there’s so many, you know?” she went on.

“There’s some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane,” Harris said, without elaborating.

Eventually, she passed on the question.

“That was not supposed to be a stumper,” Rye added.

It's sad that the only two names that Kamala Harris could come up with are Tupac, who's dead... and apparently Kanye West, apparently because he's running for president. Snoop Dogg is still alive, but apparently she got so through time travel that she forgot his existence.

There's nothing wrong with Kamala Harris just admitting that's not her kind of music, that she has a limited connection to black pop culture, what little she remembers is from the 1980s, but that would undermine her political standing, so she continues this routine, and, unlike Obama, she does it really badly. 

It's sad that I could navigate these questions better than she could. Not because they're especially worth navigating, but because it shows how inept she is.

Biden announced he wanted to pick a black woman. Even though he was a lot more popular with black people than she was.

Black voters aren’t as stingy with their support for Kamala as white voters. While only 3% of white voters support Harris, a whopping 4% of black voters are ready to choose her as their candidate.

Maybe that 1% difference can be explained by racism?

But that doesn’t explain why 20% of black voters rate her unfavorably.