LA Sees Spike in Coronavirus Deaths Among Black Residents

The media keeps claiming that weddings and Trump rallies are superspreader events, but Black Lives Matter rallies aren't. Why? Because social justice trumps science.

Had this data point come from bikers or wedding guests in Maine or Borough Park, it would be of great interest to the media, but since it is what it is, no dots are being connected.

Additionally, cases, hospitalizations and death rates among highly impacted groups continue to decline and disparity gaps are starting to close, Ferrer said.

For example, in June the average case rate among Latinos was at 200 cases per 100,000, which was four times higher than among white residents, and five times higher than among Asians.

But in September, while cases among Latinos were still higher than others, they dropped to an average of 40 cases per 100,000, Ferrer explained.

One outlier being monitored closely by health officials is a “slight spike” in deaths among Black residents between late August and early September.

Why? Who knows. But massive rallies probably weren't helping.

But the media will avoid connecting those dots in favor of running gibberish like this.

Segregated parks linked to higher COVID-19 deaths for Black and Latino Americans - USA Today

I'll spare you the trouble of reading through a fisking of this nonsense.

But the response to higher death tolls is inevitably some sort of word salad about racism, instead of a serious effort to understand what's going on.

On Monday, the county became the first in the Bay Area with 20,000 total cases. Its data show many of those are concentrated in the heavily Black and Latinx neighborhoods of East Oakland, however it does not break down deaths by zip code.

But discouraging BLM rallies and riots would be unhelpful to the Democrat agenda.

And so back in LA, Ferrer keeps warning Jews not to get together for Rosh Hashana, while saying next to nothing about Black Lives Matter protests. Who's this hurting?


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