LA's Public Health Vampire Backs Off Halloween Ban

Barbara Ferrer's face is one that Angelinos have gotten used to seeing on their screens, warning them to avoid daylight and garlic to fight the coronavirus. Ferrer isn't a doctor, but she's essentially been put in charge of deciding how people live.

And the public health expert vampire decided to basically ban Halloween.

“Door to door trick or treating is not allowed because it can be very difficult to maintain proper social distancing on porches and at front doors especially in neighborhoods that are popular with trick or treaters,” the new guidance reads.

Also banned this year is so-called “trunk or treating,” where children get candy and other treats from cars instead of doorsteps, as well as gatherings or parties with non-household members and live entertainment like haunted house attractions, county officials said.

Since LA is dysfunctional, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is still feuding with LA County officials over who's in charge and he announced, again, that he's not going to be enforcing these measures.

While LA County officials had issued warnings against Halloween and Rosh Hashana, they continue to have no problems with Black Lives Matter events. And that's one reason why people continue ignoring their guidance. The backlash to the Halloween ban led officials to downgrade the "not permitted" stamp to "not recommended."

Meanwhile all this is just the warm-up for the battles over Thanksgiving and then Christmas.


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