A Lot of New Yorkers Getting "Someone Else's" Ballot Envelopes

And this time Democrats can't blame a Trump/Post Office conspiracy. 

Voters in New York City said they received their mail-in ballots this week but were surprised to find they were printed with the wrong names and voter IDs and included incorrect return labels. 

Some voters said they received absentee ballots mislabeled as the official ballot for military members, while others said the envelope meant to return their ballot did not bear their name or address. 

The Board of Elections is apparently telling people that this is a widespread problem.

I received someone else's return envelope in my #AbsenteeBallot. I just got off the phone with an operator at .@BOENYC and they said this has happened to a lot of people

How many? Who knows.

But sure, a plan to have the country vote this way is going to work great.

Then again a part of me wonders if this isn't a deliberate strategy to poison the well so that no one trusts Election Day results while the mail ballot results are such a mess and will require so much sorting out that the results can be gimmicked in thousands of ways.


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