Lynwood Won't Fire City Manager Who said Shooting Deputies is "Expected"

During these past few months of Black Nationalist cultural terror, people have been fired for the slightest offenses against political correctness. And I do mean the very slightest.

But you can hold a top position and defend violence, and that's okay. 

Jose Ometeotl, the city manager of Lynwood, California, responded to the shooting of two LASD deputies in Compton, with a hateful post, which claimed to disavow violence, but then ranted that, "that communities like Compton have been plagued by deputy gangs that inflict fear and violence in the community. These deputies murdered, framed and stole from the community just because they could. Good deputies never turned on bad deputies for fear of retaliation and when caught most of these bad deputies kept their jobs and continued on their criminal career. The fact that someone randomly opened fire on deputies is to be expected in the society we live in today. The political climate and leadership of Sheriff Villanueva has only sowed the seeds of anger and frustration in the community."

And tacked on the Malcolm X, "Chickens come home to roost" meme which was utilized by Obama's mentor, Jeremiah Wright, to remember September 11.

After the two deputies were shot, they were brought to a hospital in Lynwood, where Black Lives Matter racists gathered outside to shout, "We hope they die".

Has the city of Lynwood suspended Jose or fired him? Nah. They've "disavowed" his comments.

The City of Lynwood, which is just outside Compton, issued a statement that appeared to be in response to Ometeotl’s post, that offered prayers to the deputies and their families.

“There have been comments made today (Sunday) by our City Manager on his personal social media that are his personal opinions and don’t reflect the position of the Lynwood City Council,” the statement read.

So the Lynwood City Council doesn't formally believe that shooting deputies is to be expected and that it's the chickens coming home to roost?

Of course if Jose had posted a "Blue Lives Matter" meme after a police shooting, you know that there would have been national media coverage ending with him being fired. 


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