Majority of Arrested Rioters in Kenosha Came From Other Cities

So much for "community outrage".

The leading edge of the violence outside a handful of hard lefty areas like Portland comes from outside agitators.

Especially in places like Kenosha where the police busted a lot of rioters. From all over the country.

Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis in a news release late Sunday, Aug. 30 announced a total of 175 arrests in the seven days since the police shooting of Jacob Blake Sunday, Aug. 23. 

Those arrests include people from 44 different cities, the chief said, noting that 102 of the people "processed during this week" listed addresses from outside Kenosha.

What are the odds that so many of the arrested would be from outside Kenosha?

The first instinct of lefties would be to cry racism, but Kenosha is over 10% black. The only explanation is that a whole lot of the leading edge of the rioters has been exported to Kenosha.


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