Majority of White People Now Oppose Black Lives Matter

Pew buries the lede of its own polls like no one else.

Take this gem of a headline, "Support for Black Lives Matter has decreased since June but remains strong among Black Americans".

Let's skip right to the toplines instead of getting the Pew spin on the number.

Since June, overall support for Black Lives Matter, a mostly racist and violent movement, went from 67 percent in favor and 30 percent opposed, to 55 percent in favor and 44 percent against.

Strong support has dropped among everyone, including black people, but it's still holding strong there despite strong support falling 9% but with no meaningful shift in opposition.

There have been limited falls in support and slight increases in opposition among Hispanic and Asian respondents.

Among white people, support for BLM was at 61% in June and after the latest wave of violence in September, is down to 45%. Still too high. But opposition rose from 30% to 53%.

The majority of white people now oppose Black Lives Matter.


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