New Jersey Democrats Ban Paper and Plastic Bags During Pandemic

This bill would have been a terrible idea at any time, but it's a spectacularly bad idea during a pandemic when we are, in theory, trying to stop the spread of a virus. So this is the perfect time to make sure everyone's dragging filthy reusable bags that are already coated with bacteria to supermarkets. Great plan, Democrats.

Almost as good as the time Governor Murphy ordered nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients, killing countless grandmas and grandpas.

The New Jersey Legislature on Thursday passed a sweeping bill that would make the state the first in the country to ban single-use paper bags at supermarkets.

It sure didn't take long for Democrat control to take New Jersey from working class concerns to an obsession with elite virtue signaling.

The bill, which would also prohibit single-use plastic bags and limit the use of polystyrene takeout boxes and in some cases plastic straws, now heads to Gov. Phil Murphy.

I'm sure this won't in any way interfere with an environment in which people are trying to reduce physical contact and in which eateries are trying to survive on deliveries.

Places in California, which originated this insanity, moderated their stand because of the virus. You can actually still get plastic bags, in some cases with no charge, at some SoCal supermarkets, but now New Jersey Democrats have decided that their state ought to be more insanely Californiacated than California.

That's quite an achievement.

"The governor is proud to support the strongest bag ban in the nation,” the spokesman said. “This bill will significantly reduce the harm that these products cause to our environment.”

Pollution from paper bags.

Does Governor Murphy understand what paper bags are made of? The only green he cares about is the color of money?


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