New York Times Not Sure Whether to Blame Coronavirus on Trump or Jews -- Blames Both

(Black Lives Matter march pictured above. But the woke are notoriously immune to the virus, which is only spread by Trump supporters and Orthodox Jews.)

Now that we're living in medieval times, we're getting the best medieval reporting on the pandemic. And that means the media blaming it on the people it hates.

Yesterday, I had an investigative piece taking apart a propaganda campaign blaming an outbreak in Maine on a church wedding in a small town.

The wedding at the small church in East Millinocket is also being blamed for deaths at a nursing home in Madison, over 120 miles away, where a nursing assistant who had a sore throat, a cough, and was so sick that she was shaking, went on working for ten hours.

Democrat state officials claim that the virus was passed through a child who was at the wedding, who passed it to a parent, who was not at the wedding, who then passed it to a staffer, who might or might not be this nursing assistant.

Is this the likeliest way for the nursing home residents to have come down with the virus?

There were already nursing home residents infected with the coronavirus at the facility. And members of the staff allegedly moved between the infected patients and the regular residents.

And the home was owned by a former Democrat mayor.

But back in New York City, the New York Times is torn between trying to blame coronavirus on Orthodox Jews or President Trump. So it does both. 

N.Y.C. Threatens Orthodox Jewish Areas on Virus, but Trump’s Impact Is Seen - New York Times

This manages to be racist and stupid at the same time. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered the Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office to enforce public health guidelines in several Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn

Swap "Orthodox Jewish" for "Black", "Muslim" or even "Asian", and there would be widespread condemnation. But Democrats and their media would like to continue reminding everyone that antisemitism is fine.

The crackdown is occurring shortly before Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, which begins on Sunday night

Imagine the reaction to a shutdown of mosques in time for Ramadan.

Mr. de Blasio said on Friday on The Brian Lehrer Show that the city had closed four yeshivas over violations of social distancing rules. “This is an indicator of something we’ll be fighting for a little while here,” he said.

Meanwhile Black Lives Matter rallies/riots with zero social distancing can continue.

After doing the groundwork for blaming Orthodox Jews for the second wave of the virus, the Times shifts to blaming President Trump.

Borough Park and Midwood were islands of support for President Trump during the 2016 election, when the president won 89 percent of the vote in one local precinct. 

They voted for Trump.. so clearly they're spreading the virus.

It's awesome that the New York Times manages to combine Trump Derangement Syndrome with medieval antisemitism.


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