NY Democrat Councilman: "Trump has the support of a vast majority of Orthodox Jews"

If you know anything about New York City politics and the Jewish world, you know that a New York Jewish Democrat who praises President Trump...

1. He's going to be an Orthodox Jew

2. He's a Democrat the way a bunch of Rust Belt pro-life Democrats were "Democrats" until they had the option to be something else.

But anyway, here's the op-ed by Councilman Chaim Deutsch

A Democratic New York City Councilman, penning an opinion column praising President Donald Trump? Yes – you read that right. While you recover from the shock, let me explain..

For most Jews who live outside of Israel, support for the State lies in our collective memory of the Holocaust. We want to ensure a safe Israel because we know that if all of our neighbors betray us again, we will have a place to call home – and that’s why Donald Trump has the support of a vast majority of Orthodox Jews...

When Trump moved the United States’ embassy to Jerusalem, he wasn’t just keeping his own campaign promise, he was keeping the promises of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. He alone had the gumption to actually do it. He was roundly criticized at the time by the world media, but their promises of death and destruction proved unfounded.

President Trump also withdrew the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – the Iran deal. An existential threat to the future of Israel, the Iran deal empowered regional enemies that have affirmed their desire to “wipe Israel off the map”. Trump’s bold action on this danger surely made Israel a safer place.

Contrast this with the Democrat "poll" of Jews which claims that police brutality matters more to American Jews than Israel does. 

I don't doubt that is true for most liberals and lefties with Jewish last names. It isn't true for Jews.