Postal Workers Can't Deliver Ballots, if Democrats Keep Shooting Them

Recently, the Democrats developed a passionate love and concern for the postal service that had been previously absent from their deliberations. They've also claimed that President Trump is conspiring to wreck the post office in order to prevent them from voting by mail.

They may want to talk to the gang members who are actually doing the job.

A $50,000 reward is being offered for information after a postal worker was shot Thursday morning in Chicago's South Side Burnside neighborhood.

That's a federal crime by the way. The only kind that still leads to arrests and prosecutions in Democrat cities like Chicago.

Republicans should really be making that point in a national campaign.

The Feds are picking up the slack and are the only thing standing between total anarchy and Democrat DAs who have decided to free all the criminals and fire all the cops.

The 24-year-old woman, who works as a United States Postal Service mail carrier, was shot at 91st Street and Ellis Avenue just after 11:35 a.m. while on the job.
Chicago Fire Department officials said she was critically hurt after being shot multiple times.

She did not appear to be the intended target, Chicago police said. The alleged shooters were driving by at a high rate of speed when the shots were fired.

No doubt, they were disadvantaged youth who were fighting for Black Lives Matter.

Isis Edmond is a fellow postal worker who rushed to the scene in the aftermath to check on a family member who lives in the area. After seven years on the job, she said being a postal carrier in the city is a dangerous job.

"You pray. Pray that God protects you," Edmond said. "But you try to be aware of your surroundings, just look out, but sometimes, in her case, you can't see everything."

She said the risks are so high, there's even a procedure for it.

"I've been delivering mail and gunshots rung out. I've had to run to my truck and stay in my truck until everything deescalated," Edmond said. "Contact 911 of course. Contact my supervisor to tell them what's going on. Then leave the area. That's the process."

Oh wait. I guess they don't. Neither does the mail.

"We are relieved she's in stable condition," said Mack Julion, Branch 11 union president. "We are pulling for her. We are praying for her."

“We want to deliver the mail, but if we can’t be safe, they are not going to deliver that mail. I mean customers have to pick up their mail then so be it,” said Mack Julion, President of the National Association of Letter Carriers Local Branch #11.

"I would say a lot of our members are terrified," Julion said. "They are terrified this random violence, it can happen to them, too."

“We may do rain and sleet and the pandemic, but we’re not doing bullets,” said Julion.

Julion, as the media likes to selectively emphasize these days, is black.

If Democrats really want to protect the integrity of mail deliveries, they might want to start by keeping postal workers safe.


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